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Skiers Waiting Under the Prospect Express Chair Lift at Telluride Ski Resort.

CleverSkier.com is designed for both beginner and expert snow adventures. Here, we are dedicated to providing informative articles related to skiing, snowboarding, and other snowsports. Our goal is to make snowsports easier, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone. We try to make it possible through our trip guides, skill-based tutorials, and in-depth gear reviews. Our focus is on high-quality writing and images. We have also kept the site ad-free for a more enjoyable reading experience and the design is very clean. Much of our revenue comes from affiliate links but we review independently, without getting any financial compensation from manufacturers for reviews. Read more about our affiliate disclosure.

This site is a great place for both beginner and expert outdoor snow adventure lovers. But beginners will find it more useful because of the comprehensive nature of the articles. The top ten gear list is especially helpful for beginners when they are choosing a certain product for the first time. Our site covers four main domains; ski tips, gear comparison, how-to guides, and gear reviews. For example, you will find articles like “How to ski in the rain?” or “Can you wear hiking boots in the snow?” or “How often should you Wax your skis“. We will try our best to provide the most helpful, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand information.

The purpose of our reviews is to find the right product for you. There are too many options available when shopping online and selecting the right product becomes challenging. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating, you’ll find gear reviews for all snowsports from ski gloves to snowboards. We also write gear comparison articles. This is helpful especially when you are confused between two products. The comparisons article will cover the all pros and cons and will give the final verdict.

We hope you enjoy Clever Skier and appreciate your readership. We’d be more than happy to answer your queries, feel free to contact us.