What to Wear Skiing if you do not have Snow Pants?

A pair of ski pants is essential for an enjoyable and safe ski experience. Pants designed specifically for skiing provide features that are critical on the slopes like powder skirts, RECCO, plenty of pockets, waterproofness, etc. They are also the barrier between you and the elements. They protect you from snow and cold. However, if you don’t have a pair of ski pants or you don’t want to spend some extra cash, you can still ski because there are alternatives available. Although it’s not recommended, you can still ski in rain pants, wind pants, and even denim jeans.

Below is the list of pants that you can wear skiing if you don’t have a pair of ski pants.

Rain Pants

Rain pants are the best alternative to ski pants because they are water-resistant if not completely waterproof. Waterproofness is very important because, after all, snow is frozen water and it can soak into any absorptive material. For beginners, a pair of waterproof rain pants will do the job. A good example of rain pants is the Columbia Rebel Roamer. It is a waterproof pair that is made of 100% nylon. The fabric features Omni-Tech technology, which is a waterproof and breathable material. It provides air-permeable protection, which keeps Mother Nature’s elements out while allowing the inside to breathe.

Wind Pants

Wind pants also provide great weather protection. These pants minimize the impact of harsh weather and keep the wearer protected. They come in various styles and offer a variety of features. If you have a pair of wind pants that provide good insulation from the wind, you can certainly wear them skiing. If you think about it, winter in the mountains can be extremely windy so a pair of wind pants is going to provide a worthy performance. A good example of wind pants for skiing is the Patagonia Wind Shield. It’s a great pair of pants that offer a soft, stretchy, breathable, and soft-shell fabric that keeps you warm. These pants are going to provide the best performance if you are considering cross-country skiing.

Fleece Pants

A pair of fleece pants in your closet is a durable and versatile option for many outdoor activities. But can you ski in them? The answer to this question is that it depends. Fleece pants are going to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures but they provide less protection against snow and water. If you get caught in the rain or if you fall frequently, fleece pants might not be the ideal option for you. However, fleece contains lanolin which is a natural substance that can repel water. So you can expect that your clothing containing fleece is going to shed some water but they are not completely waterproof.

Hiking Pants

Hiking pants in another consideration if you don’t have a pair of ski pants. And that’s because most features that are required for backcountry skiing are found in hiking pants. The features are discussed above in the rain pants section. Keep in mind that if you use them for skiing, the experience is not going to be enjoyable and comfortable. You can make your hiking pants more insulated by adding a good base layer. The insulation combined with a waterproof shell makes hiking pants a suitable option for skiing. Again, using hiking pants for skiing might not result in a comfortable experience.

Sweat Pants

Skiing in sweatpants may not be an ideal choice because they are made of cotton which is a bad material for any outdoor activity. But if you’ve got a pair of sweatpants, you can still ski in them despite all the negatives. Sweat pants are generally warm and they absorb moisture well. However, due to a cotton blend, it can take longer to dry. The warmth the sweatpants provide is going to be enough for most backcountry and resort skiing. However, if you get cold easily, you can layer them with a base layer for additional warmth.

Denim Jeans

If you have any of the options mentioned above, go for it, and don’t use denim jeans for skiing. Use denim jeans only if you don’t have any other pair for skiing. Denim is 100% cotton and it is not recommended for any outdoor or recreational activity. It absorbs water quickly and becomes heavy. It also takes a very long time to dry. People used to ski in jeans when ski pants were not very popular. With time, new technologies emerged, and gradually people stopped using jeans for skiing. Again, only choose jeans if it is the only option you have.