How to Land Big Jumps on a Snowboard?

In this article, I am going to show you how you can land your first big jump on a snowboard. When you’re riding in the park, it’s always a fun goal to push your riding and try to hit bigger jumps and features.

So these are a few tips to start.

Hit Jumps You Already Know

The first tip is to just spend some time hitting the jumps you’re already comfortable with. On my first day back in the park, I rode the small park for a while and hit lots of jumps outside the park too. I probably hit at least 40 or 50 jumps before heading into the blue park to hit the mediums and larges.

Watch Others

The second tip is to watch somebody else hit the jump so that you can see how much speed is necessary to make the landing. Each jump is a different size so as you get to a new jump, just stand at the top and just watch a couple of people hit it. That way, you have a good idea in your head like how many turns to take in and how much speed you need to clear the knuckle.

Ride With Speed

The third tip is to make sure you’re comfortable riding with lots of speed. For bigger, jumps you have to ride in with lots of speed but then you’re going to be landing with even more speed than that. You want to be comfortable landing at high speeds and then doing a couple of turns to control your speed. Take some time outside the park to improve your riding and make sure that you’re comfortable riding at high speeds.

First Lap Look

The final tip is that you first lap through the park and skip all the jumps. Take a good look at each one so you have a good picture of how big each jump is.

I hope that these tips will help you guys. Just remember, practice a lot on the jumps until you’re comfortable. Make sure that you watch some other people hit the jumps so you have a good idea of how much speed you need to clear the knuckle. Improve your riding so that you’re comfortable riding at high speeds.

Have fun out there and be safe hitting bigger jumps.