Should I Tuck my Pants into my Snowboard Boots?

The only thing that goes under your boots is your socks and your foot obviously. So, to wear your pants with your snowboard boots properly, pull up your pants and the base layer nice and high so that you don’t have anything that’s going to pinch inside. That way, the snow pants will provide continuous protection against the snow and will keep your feet nice and dry. Also, when you put pants or your base layer inside, you get a much tighter fit instead of a nice and snug fit. It will restrict the blood flow, which may result in swollen feet.

Most snowboard pants feature an elastic part in the legs that should go around your boots. It is designed to keep snow out so your feet stay nice and dry. These pants have a rubberized snow cuff that snaps shut at the ankle. Again, this prevents snow from getting into your boots. Some stretch pants provide a leg opening that goes under your boots. These pants do not provide good protection against snow and let more snow into your boots. With this kind of pants, you can use boot gaiters for snow protection.

How to Wear Snow Pants with Boots?

Before hitting the slopes, it is important to wear your snow pants properly to avoid any miserable experience. Start with a good pair of socks. Avoid socks that are too thick or made of cotton. Wool socks are always recommended because it wicks moisture and keeps your feet dry. There are snowboard-specific socks available on the market that go up to the knees and provide your shins with added cushion and protection.

Loosen all the laces on your boots and pull the tongue off the liner. Slide your foot into the boot and tap the heel on the ground a little bit to set your heel. Make sure you tuck the liner against the shin before you start lacing up. Now start tightening up the inner laces and make sure the liner is snug against your shin. How tightened your laces will be your personal preference and the lacing system that your boot has. Now start lacing your outer shell until your boot starts to feel snug but not too tight or it will cut off the circulation. Stand up and flex your ankles and tighten your laces a bit more. Finally, pull down your pants and pant gaiter (the elastic part in the legs) over the top of your boot.

If you feel like you are having sore feet throughout the day, it may be because your laces are too tight. You can loosen the laces in the lower zone and it should relieve some foot pain. Or if you feel like your heel is lifting up out of the boot, you may have to pull off to the side and retighten your boots.